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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2015Water and AtmosphereB.Sc., Sem.-III Core Course-202 : Environmental Science
6-Apr-2016Web Site Development – I (ASP.NET)BCA., Sem.-VI CC-307 : Web Site Development – I (ASP.NET)
8-May-2016Western Lit. CriticismM.A., Sem.-II 408 : Gujarati
10-Apr-2016Western Political Thinkers – IIB.A., Sem.-VI CC-314 : Political Science (EA : Western Political Thinkers – II)
31-Dec-2015Women & SocietyB.A., Sem.-V CC-303 : Sociology
31-Dec-2015Women & Society(Hindi Version)B.A., Sem.-V CC-303 : Sociology
13-Apr-2016Women Empowerment & EntrepreneurshipB.A., Sem.-IV CC-212 : Home Science
1-Dec-2015Women in Indian HistoryM.A., Sem.-III 506 : History
26-Dec-2014Women’s WritingB.A. Sem.VI CC-315-EB : English
1-Jan-2016Women’s WritingM.A., Sem.-I 404 : English
10-Apr-2016Working Capital Management5th Year MBA Integrated Working Capital Management
7-May-2016World Classics in English TranslationM.A., Sem.-II 411-EA : English
1-Dec-2015World DramaM.A., Sem.-III Course-501 : English
8-May-2016World History Since 1925 A.D.M.A., Sem.-II 408 : History
Apr-2013XR-108 B.A. (Sem. II) April-2013 Economics, Core 112 (Indian Economy)B.A. (Sem. II)
Apr-2013XS-110 April-2013 B.A. (Sem. II) Economics, EC-I-111 (Elementary Economics-2)B.A. (Sem. II)
Apr-2013XS-114 April-2013 Semester-II B.A. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (Database Management System) EC-I-111B.A. Semester-II
Apr-2013XT-110 April-2013 B.A. Sem. II Economics – EC-I-112 (Indian Economy)B.A. Sem. II
Apr-2013XT-115 April-2013 B.A. (Sem.-II) Computer Application : EC-I-112 (Introduction to Networking & Webpage Designing Using HTML )XT-115 B.A. (Sem.-II)
Apr-2013XU-109 April-2013 B.A. Sem. II Economics EC-II-112 (Indian Economy)B.A. Sem. II