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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2016D.L.P. Paper-II Bombay Industrial Relations Act, Industrial Disputes Act,etc. May 2015D.L.P.
7-May-2016D.T.P. General Principles of Accountancy Paper – IIID.T.P. General Principles of Accountancy Paper – III
9-Apr-2016Data Base Management System using SQLB.Com., Sem.-IV CE-204 : Computer Application
9-Apr-2016Data Communication & NetworkingM.Sc., Sem.-VI (CA & IT) Data Communication & Networking
May-2017Data Communication And NetworkingB.C.A Sem V Data Communication And Networking
3-Dec-2015Data Communications & NetworkingB.C.A. Sem.-V CC-303
29-Dec-2015Data CompressionM.Sc., 5th Year (CA & IT)
8-Dec-2015Data StructuresB.C.A., Sem.-III CC-202 : Data Structures
2-Dec-2015Data StructuresS.Y. M.Sc., (CA & IT)
9-Apr-2016Data Warehousing and Data MiningM.Sc., Sem.-VIII (CA & IT) Data Warehousing and Data Mining
1-Dec-2015Data Warehousing and Data MiningB.Com., Sem.-V Core Elective-302 : Computer Application
6-Apr-2016Database AdministrationB.C.A., Sem.-VI CC-308 : Database Administration
4-Dec-2015Database Management SystemF.Y. M.Sc. (CA & IT) Database Management System
6-May-2016Database Management SystemB.A., Sem.-II EC-I-111 : Computer Applications
27-Mar-2013Database Management SystemDatabase Management System
10-Apr-2016Database Management System Using SQL and PL/SQLM.Sc., Sem.-II Database Management System Using SQL and PL/SQL
8-May-2016Database Management System – I (DBMS-I)B.C.A., Sem.-II CC-110 : Database Management System – I
10-Apr-2016Database Management System – IIB.C.A., Sem.-IV CC-208 : Database Management System – II
29-Jan-2016Deductive LogicB.A., Sem.-IElective (EC-II) 105
May-2017Defence StudiesB.A Sem II EC 1 111 Defence Studies