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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2016Text : Macmillan College Prose (For Gujarati Medium Students)B.Sc., Sem.-IV 211 : General English
10-Apr-2016Text : MacMillan College Prose (Gujarati Medium)B.A., Sem.-IV 211 : Compulsory English
9-Apr-2016Textile Designing & Apparel MakingB.A., Sem.-VI CC-312 : Home Science
May-2017Textile ScienceB.Sc Sem II Textile Science
May-2013TG-109 B.A. Sem.-I May-2013 Economics (Core-101) (Elementary Economics-1)B.A. Sem.-I
May-2013TH-108 B.A. Sem.-I May-2013 Economics, Core-102 (Indian Economy)B.A. Sem.-I
1-Dec-2015Theoretical Perspective in SociologyM.A., Sem.-I 401 : Sociology
Dec-2014Third B.Com. (Annual Pattern)Third B.Com. (Annual Pattern)
Dec-2014Third B.Sc. (Annual Pattern)Third B.Sc. (Annual Pattern)
Mar-2014Third B.Sc. (Annual Pattern) Inorganic Chemistry, Paper – VIIThird B.Sc. (Annual Pattern) Inorganic Chemistry, Paper – VII
Mar-2013Third B.Sc. (Annual) March-2013 Microbiology Paper-VIII (Immunology/Medical Microbiology)Third B.Sc
Dec-2018Third BDSThird BDS
Oct-2018Third BHMSThird BHMS
Apr-2013Third L.L.B. April-2013 Intellectual Property Law (Old & New)Third L.L.B.
Mar-2013Third L.L.B. (New/Old) March-2013 Civil Procedure Code & Law of Limitation ActThird L.L.B. (New/Old)
6-Apr-2016Third L.L.B. (NewOld) March-2013 Civil Procedure Code & Law of Limitation ActL.L.B.
16-Mar-2016Third L.L.B. Intellectual Property Law (Old & New) April 2013L.L.B.
Jun-2000Third LL.B ( M.S.) W.E.F. June-2000Third LL.B
Apr-2013Third LL.B. April-2013 Alternate Disputes Resolution (New)Third LL.B.
Apr-2013Third LL.B. April-2013 Criminal Procedure Code (New Course)Third LL.B.